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What Does It Take to Build a Store?

If you want to be your own Webmaster, it's easy!  Here's all you need:

  1. A computer -- Windows and the Macintosh are both supported.
  2. An Internet connection from an Internet Service Provider of your choosing (normally under $20.00 per month) and an Internet browser; either Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  3. A good email program. The ones that come with Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer will work fine.
  4. A digital camera, or a scanner, or have your photo developer save your prints to disk or CD.
  5. Lastly, a willingness to learn and be associated with the best mall on the Internet.

Our MakeAShop system is an automated web store. You can upload as much merchandise to your web store as you want. This includes pictures and text. You can add and delete merchandise as often as you like. If you are selling only through auction, there is no minimum required stocking level.  To establish and maintain a fixed-price store, we will require you to keep a minimum of 25 items with pictures in your online shop. The items must have a total retail value of at least $1,200 US. This requirement is because we've found that customers simply don't shop in stores that have extremely low inventory. If you are planning on stocking make-to-order inventory, please contact and ask for recommendations on how to handle custom-built items. 

We charge a 10% commission on those items that you do sell through MakeAShop OR 2% on those items sold at Auction. To view our commission fees for all types of sites click here.  

Just remember, there is no maximum amount of merchandise you can have in your shop and there is no per-item inventory charge. We know that the more merchandise you have online, the more you are going to sell. EARTHLING wants you to get as much of your merchandise on our system as possible. Once your merchandise is loaded, we can help you sell your inventory at many different locations on the Web.


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At EARTHLING, you can
    build your own store
       - use your own desktop computer
       - must meet
MakeAShop requirements
       - load as much inventory as you want
       - no programming required
       - online credit card processing
       - powerful daily reporting tools
       - have your own email address

     easily move product to major auctions
     have us promote your store

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You don't need to know HTML to sell your merchandise on our system. The MakeAShop system makes it simple to run an online store. All you have to do is type your merchandise into a secure form that we have created for you. You don't need any special software for sending us your text, other than your Web browser. Uploading pictures is just as easy. Many of our dealers are using digital cameras now. Or, ask your film developer if your photos can be saved to disk or CD when you have your film developed. You can then send us your pictures from your computer, through the Web, to our computers. The MakeAShop system combines the text and the images into an attractive website that will make your customers want to return again and again. AND, you can even customize your shop with backgrounds, text colors, and your Logo to make it unique!

As an example of our system at work, take a look at Big Ed's Royal China Dinnerware. Note that the list of categories on their main page is unique to their store. Our dealers can add or delete categories anytime they want to.  Test the features and see how well they work.  Notice that when you click on the "Add to order form" button, the item is automatically added into an invoice. We have a secure server so that your customers can send you credit card numbers over the Internet.

And, yes, online credit transaction processing is available for your EARTHLING store.  And we can help you set up your own merchant account, too!

We provide you with daily reports on activity at your site. This includes a breakdown of total hits for your store. This also includes a list of the countries and service providers (AOL, Prodigy etc.) that accessed your site. With this information, you can keep track of how many people are visiting your site, where they are coming from, and what they are looking at.

You will get an EARTHLING email address that automatically forwards to your current email address. This allows you to change your internet service provider without disrupting the communications from your customers, who will still be able to reach you via your EARTHLING business email address.

Not all businesses qualify for MakeAShop. Click here to check the terms of usage and find out whether MakeAShop is the option for you!

Have you ever wanted a website but worried about the cost and complication?  Our system has been designed for people like you.  And the best part is that our MakeAShop system has no hidden charges for listing inventory.

Why wait?  Click Here to Start Your Store Now! You won't find a better way to sell online!


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